Braun Series 7 9595cc Electric Shaver Reviews

January 13, 2010

Braun Series 7 9595cc Electric Shaver Reviews.

I just upgraded from the 8995 to the 9595 and in a word it’s fabulous! I converted from Norelco rotary razors about a year ago to Braun and at the time I was very impressed with the build quality and how close the shave was compared to the Norelco. For the record I had the top of the line Norelco 9190XL.

Braun Series 7 Electric ShaverWhen Braun redesigned their flagship razor they started with a clean slate. This isn’t a simple upgrade of the 8995, it goes beyond that. They reduced the size of the overall unit making it slimmer and more comfortable to hold. The head now has a greater range of pivoting and the cutters now float individually. Overall it allows the shaver to more closely follow the contours of your face while maintaining contact with the skin it is trying to shave. Also this model doesn’t seem to drop or shed the cut stubble all over the counter top as easily as the old model. The way the new screen and blades are designed they seem to trap and hold the cut hair in the head until it’s time to be cleaned. The old model would dust my counter top with cut stubble as if I were using a pepper shaker on my counter top. Two thumbs up for the new head design. 🙂

The new Pulsonic motor is in my opinion much quieter than the model it replaces. The sonic pulses are supposed to vibrate the head causing the screen to catch more hair with less passes over the same spot. The result is truly outstanding! I have a patch of hair just over my adams apple that I have to really spend a lot of time trying to shave by stretching the skin . The new razor nearly eliminates all the work and makes shaving more comfortable and FASTER than ever before.

The LCD display is smaller than the outgoing model but it displays the same amount of information. It tells me the remaining charge and the current hygiene state of the shaver.

The Clean & Renew base station has also been redesigned. It is now an off white color and matches my tile counter top. Also the start button has been redesigned and it no longer locks the razor in place while it’s cleaning. The instructions state that the Clean & Renew station will “dry ” the razor using heat. I’m not sure if the old model did this or not but it is a welcome feature nonetheless.

I would highly recommend this razor to anyone looking to buy an electric razor. It’s quiet, fast and close shaves are as good as you’re going to get. The build quality is top notch and the company stands behind their products. What more could you want